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A bookstore/library hybrid

in the East of Leipzig!

Mariannenstr. 18, 04315 Leipzig

Opening Times
Monday-Saturday 13:00-20:00

You can also order books through us!
Just send us an email at orinocobks(@), a DM through facebook, or directly in the store. Books arrive on Mondays and Thursdays!

Or read as many books as you want by becoming a member!

[1] Emma Goldman [0€]: stroll. no private property → just come by and spend time with us
[2] Jean Genet [2€ /month]: poor. but giving → borrow as many books as you want → keep 1 book per year
[3] Virginia Woolf [5€ /month] : victorian. wealth → borrow as many books as you want → keep 2 books per year and keep us alive

[4] The Fitzgeralds [10€ /month]: squander! generous, unhealthy support → borrow as many books as you want → keep 4 books per year and get a present for Simone Weil’s birthday

Our Library Catalogue can be found here:

We have second hand books in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish and many more

Neueste Beiträge

For 10 years Das Japanische Haus have graced the Eisenbahnstraße with their untiring, good-hearted hospitality. Much to everyone’s shock, they’ve heard recently they will now have to leave. In solidarity and cooperation with Das Japanische Haus, therefore, Orinoco Books and AKV have initiated a cinema series of Japanese adaptations – Japanese films, based on Japanese…

Kann man bei euch auch Bücher bestellen?

Ja!Wir bieten nicht nur secondhand Bücher an,man kann bei uns auch Bücher bestellen!Wie bestelle ich ein Buch?Schreibe uns dazu einfach eine Nachricht an orinocobks(@) oder komm im Laden vorbei Man kann sowie neue Bücher als secondhand Bücher über uns bestellenNeue Bücher treffen gewöhnlich am nächsten Montag oder Donnerstag bei uns einFür secondhand Bücher kann es…

How do I become a member?

Do you want to read a lot of books? Or do you simply want to support your local bookstore/library?You can do both by becoming a member. Just come to the store and ask for a membership sheet. MEMBERSHIPS:[1] Emma Goldman [0€]: stroll. no private property → just come by and spend time with us [2]…

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